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A Veteran-owned Small Business

Machine Learning Research, Development, and Rapid Prototyping

Sports Training and Research

eSports Training, Research, and Competition

Mobile Game Development

Machine Learning Research and Development

MCT provides world-class Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence research and development services. We have a strong background across a range of research areas including:

Computer Vision

Multi-modal Pattern Recognition, Prediction, and Search

Reinforcement Learning

Automated System and Network Design and Testing

Rational AI

Sports Training and Research

Hockey and Baseball Training and Research Center focused on improving player's skills and fitness through the use of cutting-edge AI technology and world-class coaches.

eSports Training, Research, and Competition

Coming Soon

MCT eSports Training and Research Center providing a world-class gaming facility

Individualized eSports training including League of Legends and Valorant provided by Omni Performance Gaming

Mobile Game Development

Bouncy Quest - Beta Launch Coming Soon

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